industrial materials

Bringing Japanese Excellent Industrial Materials to Countries Around the World
We deliver all kinds of materials from old materials to the latest materials, mainly die cutting companies and various processors for the automobiles, home appliances, office automation equipment, and the semiconductor industry.

  • Non-Woven Fabric

    As a member of non-woven professional “NIKKE”, a wide range of non-woven fabrics are in our favor.

    wool・goat・polyester・meta-aramid・para-aramid・PPS・polyimide・polypropylene・nylon・acryl・PTFE・stainless fiber・anti-flame fibers・PBO, etc.

    【Types of fabric】
    press felt・needle felt・chemical bonding felt・thermal bonding felt, etc.

  • Foam

    Foam materials are in our favor.
    We offer a wide range of foam materials.


  • Screws and Fasteners

    Available with various fasteners, raw materials screws, washers, hexagon nuts, sockets, and so on.

  • Laminated Plastics

    We offer a wide range of laminated plastics.

    Shape: Rod, Sheet, Tube and cut in pieces

    Material: phenol, epoxy, silicone, melamine, copper clad and so on

  • Tapes and Films

    High-quality tapes and films used in automobiles, white goods, and black goods are in our favor.

    Insulating PET film, flame-retardant PC, ROHS-compliant PVC sheet, various resin tapes, tape base materials, etc.

  • Sound Absorbing Materials

    Various sound-absorbing materials applicable to automobiles, housing, etc. are available.

    【Material types】​
    Skin material — shows the acoustic performance when laminating with various base materials.
    Micro thin fiber material — improves the acoustic performance by mixing with non-woven fabric raw materials​.
    Anti-chattering materials — non-woven fabrics are suitable for it.
    Molded non-woven fabric — is perfect when applied with inflated use​​​.

  • Engineering Plastics

    We offer a wide range of engineering plastics.

    Super engineering plastics: PAI, PEEK, PPS, PTFE, PEI, PES
    Engineering plastics: PC, PMMA, POM​
    General plastics: ABS, PP, PE​