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Industrial materials

The Japan potential for manufacturing around the world

Industrial equipment and machine element parts of Japanese manufacturers boasting excellent technology.
We will support you with the expertise in trade that we have cultivated over many years so that those can be useful at manufacturing sites around the world.

Supporting Globalization

We will support you even these requests such as equipment parts of Japan that are used abroad, but those who do not know how to obtain them locally and manufacturers that have excellent technology but have no way to disseminate it to the world.

Industrial materials

Bringing Japanese Excellent Industrial Materials to Countries Around the World

We deliver all kinds of materials from old materials to the latest materials, mainly die cutting companies and various processors for the automobiles, home appliances, office automation equipment, and the semiconductor industry.

Industrial medical materials

Contributing to the world's medical care with Japanese technology

We mainly sell catheter-related medical materials as an OEM and deliver the latest medical technology of Japan overseas. You can also inquire about healthcare-related materials and training products.

Products of the NIKKE Group

We carry out the overseas sales of a wide variety of products and systems, such as automobile or environment related ones, handled by the industrial material sector of the Nikke Group

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Based on our concept of “bringing the possibility of Japan to the world”, we hope to be able to use our rich stock of experience and professional knowledge, and wide networks to resolve our customers’ issues. We wish deeply to show the wonderful products of Japan to the world.