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The centralization of export led to reduction in transportation cost

Manufacturer in Thailand, 360 employees
Main customer: Japanese makers in fields of home appliance and automobile

Customer’s Issue (before proposal)

A Thailand process manufacturer, which provides service to Japanese manufacturers, used to import Japanese products from a number of different suppliers in Japan.

EMI’s proposal

Since many of the above-mentioned Japanese products were provided from EMI, we made a proposal to export our products in bulk in aim of reducing the total cost. This contributed to the reduction of purchasing costs. Our customer used to export various products by consolidated shipping. Now, due to the fluctuation in the shipment volume each month, we had them choose between consolidated shipping and container shipping. By allowing our customers to choose the shipping style most suitable for them at the time of shipment, we were able to cut down the shipping cost overall.


In return to inquiries about new products, we propose transactions with conditions optimized to the circumstance of our customers. This includes suggesting alternative products and confirming existence of local suppliers. With local branches in China, we are able to offer not only Japanese products, but also foreign ones through these locations. This shows our attitude towards cost merit. In addition, through engaging in close communication in regular meetings with our customers, we realize the exchange of information on new products and/or materials, as well as on the situation in both countries.


By centralizing exports and selecting the optimal shipping method, we contributed to the reduction of the total cost in purchasing Japanese products. Not only do we consider the price of the product, we also make use of our overseas branches in proposing the products most suitable for our customers. We shall make proposals that allow our customers to increase their overall profit and direct our efforts to become positioned as our customers’ “best Japanese partners”.

Using OEM to sell the high quality Japanese medical products

Customer’s Issue (before proposal)

In the case of medical products, many hospitals and doctors around the world recognize that the those manufactured in Europe and Japan are of top quality. However, if you rely on imported products, the time needed for delivery time from overseas manufacturers under high demand tend to be long. Also, although the quality is high, there is the tradeoff of high cost.
Chinese medical device manufacturers imported and sold medical products from Europe, and indeed, found it difficult to ensure a stable supply of products with the long delivery time lag.

Emi’s proposal

Deliver Japan’s high quality and cost-compatible guide wires through OEM


Until now, the import of guide wires was limited to those made in Europe. Now, with Japan providing the product through OEM, it became possible to import from two separate routes, thus reducing the risk of delivery time and unstable supply. In addition, by supplying at a price compatible with the local market price, it is now possible to sell high quality guide wires made in Japan at the Chinese market price. This led to a boost in demand.


By supplying through OEM, we were able to reduce the cost and procedures required for the development of our customers, and as a result, realized the sales of high-quality guide wires under our customer's brand name. In addition, our customers have come to realize the impressive quality of Japanese-made products, and the ratio of Japanese-made guide wires has increased with respect to European ones, which boosted sales.