Management philosophy and the attitude towards our work

Management philosophy

“Deliver the potential of Japan to the world”

Being a trading company, we realize that there are wonderful and creative technologies and products within Japan that we have yet to introduce to the rest of the world. It is our mission to have as many of these as possible known and made use of by those abroad.


“To become Nikke Inter”

It is with the goal of becoming the infrastructure for export of the group’s products that we became affiliated with the Nikke Group in 2017. Our path is still long; however, we aim to completely shoulder the group’s export activities, and become a company be-suiting its name.
Of course, we also plan to expand Emi’s original products which has been cultivated over the years, and keep a balance between three pillars, including the development of new products.

Attitude towards our work

Guidelines for action

Our ten articles in the guideline for action were decided with all employees participating. We make it clear here “what kind of a company Emi is”. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anytime.

10 Articles in our Guideline for action

  • If you had to select between righteousness and profit, never hesitate to select righteousness!
  • Lack of action is never correct. It only poses risk.
  • First, answer “yes” and “I will try”
  • Prioritize our customer’s profit over our own
  • When you see an email, make the decision right away and act within 15 minutes
  • Procedure is 80%, work is 20%
  • Always wonder “why?”
  • Never leave anyone behind
  • Both heaven and hell are within us.
  • Bright, Fun and Cheerful!