Industrial materials

Tubing Dispenser

Ideal for applying instant adhesives and anaerobic adhesives!

TOMIX (Tomita Engineering) tube type dispenser which is hard to be material-hardened after discharge and dripping by original rotor mechanism and vacuum mechanism. Especially, this is suitable for anaerobic adhesive such as cyanoacrylate adhesive. Both of PTFE tube and silicon tube can be used, so it is good for constant volume discharge and supply of any type of fluid.


PowerAC100V~240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption20W
External dimensionW190×D166×H91
Rotation frequency of rotor0~100RPM (variable speed)
Discharge timer0.01~99.99 (LED display)
Vacuum timer0~3sec
Vacuum interval0~2sec
Discharge volume0.0001cc/shot~
Standard specificationRotor Teflon tube 1.4φ×2.0φ
Nozzle Silicon tube 1.0φ×1.6φ
Continuous flow volumeTeflon tube 0.02cc~4.88cc/min (depend on tube dimension)
Silicon tube 0.3cc~15.7cc/min (depend on tube dimension)
Super cone tube 0.3cc~19.7cc/min (depend on tube dimension)
Non-standard applicable tube dimensionTeflon 1.9φ×2.5φ~3.0φ×3.6φ (T1 type)
Teflon 0.25φ×0.75φ~0.5φ×1.0φ (T2 type)
Silicon 1.0φ×3.0φ~3.0φ×5.0φ (G type)
Super cone 2.0φ×4.0φ~3.0φ×5.0φ (G type)
Applicable viscosityTeflon tube 1~1,000cps
Super cone 1~10,000cps
Discharge completion signalNon-voltage contact signal (0.1sec pulse)


PowerAC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption20W
Rotation frequency of rotor0~100RPM
Discharge timer0.0001cc/shot~
Continuous flow volumeTeflon tube 0.02cc~3cc/min
Silicon tube 0.3cc~14cc/min
Standard applicable tube dimensionTeflon 1.0φ×1.6φ~2.4φ3.0φ (T1 type)
Teflon 0.25φ×0.75φ~0.5φ1.0φ (T2 type)
Teflon 1.0φ×3.0φ~3.0φ5.0φ (G type)
Applicable viscosityTeflon tube 1~1,000cps
Silicon tube 1~10,000cps