Industrial materials

Nakatani Shinmyotan (Lead-free mold inspection agent)

– Safe as environmentally-friendly products (RoHS 2, PRTR, etc.)

– Can be applied over 5 times larger a surface area than the conventional red lead

– A thin and even coat enabling accurate contact inspection

– Can be used as is, eliminating the cumbersome task of mixing with oil

– Easily washes off skin and clothing

Aim of Product Development

Traditionally, red lead had been widely used as an indispensable subsidiary material in metal processing.
Red lead has been commonly used also because of its extremely fne and shiny particles with extensive usability as an inorganic pigment in orange. However, lead oxide (red lead, Pb3O4) dust is toxic to human body, it is attracting quite a lot of attention recently as a harmful substance, so “lead-free” movements are becoming more pervasive.
NAKATANI takes this issue seriously, and based on our years of research, we have completed a new, environmental, and human body friendly “lead-free SHINMYOTAN series”, which has received a huge number of positive reviews.

Application use

  • Precision finishing
  • General use
  • Color check use
  • Alignment inspections of machine parts
  • Gear engagement inspections
  • Plane finish unevenness inspections
  • Die contact inspections
  • Sliding faces contact inspections
  • Marking-up work

Viscosity adjustment: Please use mineral oil when adjusting the viscosity of Shinmyotan.
Oil may occasionally float depending on the transportation method and storage condition. In such case, stir it with a stick properly in other to use it normally.
When opening the container, please wear protective gloves to prevent cutting hands.

HS code: 3405.90.000