Industrial materials

Miracle Boy/ Headline: New Concept Industrial Oil Filtration System


The Miracle Boy overthrows an established concept of replacing lubricating / hydraulic oil when they get dirty. There is no need to replace the oil as long as clean and the necessary properties are maintained. The Miracle Boy is a sustainable product that makes it possible that you don’t have to replace the oil.

Merits of Introducing the Miracle Boy

・Manufacturing efficiency rises

It is possible to increase MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and the operation rate of the production line.

・Saving Costs

Longer MTBF means fewer failures.

The cost of replacement parts and repairs that have been required will be drastically reduced.

・Environmental Conservation

If you eliminate oil change and waste oil, it will lead to environmental conservation. Moreover, if you eliminate 1,000 liters of waste oil would lead to a reduction of about 2,500kg of CO₂. As a matter of course, reducing the cost of oil change will lead to a cost reduction as well.