Industrial materials

Hygro-master (Industrial air dryer)

HYGRO-MASTER is a dehumidifying and oil draining type air compressor that reduces running costs with less pressure loss in the long term compared to refrigeration type air dryers.

Importance of the compressed air at the production site

Currently the compressed air has being used as high-reliable energy with the affordable and safe facilities for Factory Automation at the production site.

For power source

・Automatic control of equipment

・Automatic transportation of products

For coating


For drying/cleaning


・Blowing away foreign substances

The problem in use the compressed air is draining. The condition the drain is in the gas causes below troubles.

Drain is a great enemy for machines

・failure and breakdown due to rusting in the device

・powder solidification and clogging during the transportation

・coating failure such as unevenness and cissing

・failure due to water mark (desiccation crack) at drying process

Dehumidification is necessity for long-life devices and product high-quality

Importance of big energy for dehumidification

The utility related to the air pressure including the air compressor is 30% of the entire factory. It means the energy-saving dehumidification device (drying machine) is necessity.

Industrial air-conditioner
4 units (1.5HP*4)

Cooling type dehumidifying device
for general factories
1 unit (5.6HP)

Actually, in most of large factories, the compressed air which is over 50,000㎥/h have been used, so many dehumidifying devices are needed for that situation.

In general, the energy-saving is executed by adopting inverter and unit control but the dehumidification is still untouched by companies.

By solving this matter, it is possible to get a big lead from other companies.

Energy-savingdehumidifying device

New concept dryer

By using our recommend Hygromaster’s dryer, it is possible to save cost dramatically from the standpoint of the power cost and the pressure loss more than using the general cooling type dehumidifying device.

Cost-saving of up to 73%

Saving of operation(Energy-saving)

TypesHYGRO-MASTER -・DP(AE)-10000Conventional freezer
Air processing capacity10000m3/H
Air pressure0.6MPa
Temperature of inlet air42℃
Dew point of outlet air(under pressure)Summer 30℃ Winter 10℃
(Temperature set lower automatically than the open air)
Power breakdownCooling tower(100RT)    2.2kW
Circulation pump(1000L/min)  5.5kW
Cooler       20kW
Cooling water C/T(20RT)    0.4kW
Pump (260L/min)     1.5kW
Total power7.7kW21.9kW
Annual operation time3840 hours
(16 hours×20 days ×12 months)
Cost per 1kW/H14 Yen
Total cost¥413,952-¥1,177,344-

Pressure loss in the device becomes low (energy-saving)

TypesHYGRO-MASTER -・DP(AE)-10000Conventional freezer
Air processing capacity10000m3/H
Air pressure0.6MPa
Power loss breakdownDevice
Device 0.015MPa
Line filter 1 0.038MPa(0.005~0.07MPa)
Line filter 2 0.038MPa(0.005~0.07MPa)
Total power loss0.015MPa0.096MPa
Operation loss by power loss0.015MPa loss meets with 1.3% compressor loss.0.015MPa loss meets with 8.7% compressor loss
Compressor power1000kW(1kW=10m3/H)
Annual operation time3840 hours
(16 hours×20 days×12 months)
Cost per 1kW/H14 Yen
Total cost of loss¥698,880-¥4,677,120-