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Gear Pump (Daito Kogyo)


We provide the latest technology response for all kinds of liquids. Used in highly specialized fields such as food, petrochemistry, power generation, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and firefighting, etc. We have received high praise and long-standing trust from all over the world. All kinds of liquids such as oils, chemical liquids, foods, pharmaceuticals, paints, solvents, waste liquids, etc. are able to be transferred by our gear pump. We manufacture any type, size, standard and capacity according to customers’ request.

【Features Of Sealless Gear Pump】

Compatible with high pressure gas certified environment. Jackets / built-in safety valves are equipable.

[Sealless Gear Pump]

  1. Available to wide range of pressures. Pump input side from -9.5m to 4MPa, Pump output side up tp 4MPa.
  2. Easy to control the flow rate by adjusting the rotation since it’s quantitative.
  3. Able to transfer from liquids no matter it is low-viscosity or high-viscosity. 0.3~100.000mPa・s
  4. High temperature fluids transfer up to 180℃ is also possible.
  5. Supports various specification flow rates. 0.1~550l/min
  6. Manufactured with various metal materials. Typical material C250/FCD450/SCS13A/SCS14A/S45C/SUS304/SUS630/SUS316

**Please contact us for the driving method. (V-belt drive is also possible)

Professional Manufacturer Boasting High Technology!

Sealless gear pump that prioritizes environmentally friendly safety. No liquid leakage from the shaft seal. Have achievements in gasoline, bioethanol, liquids containing dangerous substances, isocyanates, etc.

Gear pump for kerosene, heavy fuel oil A, and various types of lubricating oil based on the V-belt drive type.

Gear pump for kerosene, heavy fuel oil A, and various types of lubricating oil. Can be operated by either the motor direct connection type or the V-belt drive type.

Operated by V-belt drive type or geared motor direct connection type. Large-capacity transfer gear pump for high-viscosity liquids. Highly viscous liquids such as oils, varnishes, paints, molasses, and resins can be transferred at room temperature.

All-stainless steel transfer gear pump. Operated by V-belt drive type or geared motor direct connection type.

Large-capacity transfer gear pump that is directly connected to a 4 to 8P motor with built-in safety valve. Have many achievements in various types of oil, and use ball or roller bearings for the bearings.

Powerful small gear pump that can continuous operation for a long time withstand high pressure. Single mechanical seal type with built-in safety valve.

Able to continuous long-term operation at high pressure. Also possible to combine materials for corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and to equip jackets, built-in safety valves, etc. Have many achievements in various oils, chemical liquids, solvents, paints, hardeners, high-viscosity liquids, etc.

【Independent Safety Valve】
Can be used as a safety device for piping and pump protection. We have a wide variety, such as screw-in type, flange type, vacuum line type, sealed type, jacket equipment type, etc.

External bearing type gear pump that can transfer non-lubricating liquids and wearable or corrosive liquids. Have many achievements in waste oil, waste liquid, resin, curing agent, slurry-containing liquid, chemical fire extinguishing foam stock solution, coagulant, etc.