Industrial materials

High Cost Performance Cutting Grindstone

The use of special processing reinforcing agents provides excellent flexibility and improves work efficiency!

Sand Wheel C80 (For FRP Cutting)

★It can cut sharply without deflection by the offset shape and strong elasticity.

★The network structure prevents welding and clogging of adhesive workpieces.

Application: Boats, Bathtubs, Car Bumpers, Surfboards, Amusement Park Facilities and Water Tanks, etc.

Outer DiameterThicknessHole DiameterAbrasive GrainGrain SizePackaging Outer Box (Inner BOX ×Quantity)Max Operating Speed
105215・16C80300pcs (30pcs×10)80m/s(4,800m/min)

Grindstone Super Green (for all steel materials)

★Less clogging, griding, and abrasive burn increases grinding force and shortens working time.

★Compared to general purpose grindstones, it has outstanding durability and can reduce costs.

★There is no need to use different grindstones depend on a type of steel materials, and it can work by choosing the grain size.

Outer DiameterThicknesspore sizeGrain SizeMax Operating Speed