Industrial materials

Dust Collecting Filter Bags

The Dust Collecting Filter Bags of our group company AMBIC Co., Ltd. has made from various types of materials, and we offer you the most suitable filter bag for your usage environment from a variety of variations.

The materials are polyester, meta-aramid, PPS, PTFE, polyimide, polypropylene, acrylic and nylon, especially, ADMIREX, a high functional material, is a unique product of our group company using PTFE fiber which is the thinnest class in the world. We are confident of our high dust collection efficiency and durability.

The high functionality has been highly evaluated and adopted in many cases since its launch in 2001.

The materials are supplied from Japan, and the production and sewing of non-woven fabrics has been carried out in China, so we can deliver high quality products at a low price. We will offer the equivalent products to filter bags you use currently at a reasonable price, so please feel free to ask.

<Application Results>

  • Dust collectors for the municipal waste incinerator
  • Dust collectors for the industrial waste incinerator
  • Dust collectors for the ASR incinerator
  • Gas-cleaning equipment for the top pressure recovery turbine generating system
  • Fumed silica collection
  • Biomass power plants
  • Many other results